Which adhesive to use
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Which adhesive to use

What adhesive to use?

  • Solvent based silicone adhesives, are best for sticking silicone prosthetics.  Telesis 8 is a silicone adhesive.
  • Water based acrylic emulsion adhesives, are great for sticking latex, foam latex and gelatine. These include AquaFix, Pros Aide and Telesis Beta Bond.  These are cheaper, but cannot be used with silicone that don’t have a plastic barrier.
  • Spirit Gum and Latex are not a serious contenders for applying prosthetics, but are great for waxes and putty.


For more information, please read this article http://www.learnmakeupeffects.com/sticky-situations-the-zen-of-prosthetic-adhesives-removers/.


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