What is HD Makeup and why do Makeup Artists use it?
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What is HD Makeup and why do Makeup Artists use it?

What is High Definition (HD) makeup?

High-definition (HD) TV projects larger images with 2-5 times the resolution.  This creates a problem for makeup artists, that are expected to create flawless finishes.  High Definition (HD) makeup is the solution.


But it's not just for TV and celebrities! (Kylie Jenner's makeup artist uses Celebre Pro-HD!)

Anytime you're being professionally photographed for a

  • family portrait
  • engagement photo
  • professional head shot
  • or want the perfect selfie

HD makeup will help you look your best. 


HD makeup contains light deflectors and pigments that give the appearance of a smooth, even complexion; without a cakey look.  It's these reflective particles that are the key.  Diffusing light creates an illusion of an even finish, so you can’t detect the flaws underneath.  These particles sit on top of the skin and help to scatter light in subtle ways.  The light texture gives a more natural look, while the pigments blend with the skin.  


Mehron's Celebre Pro-HD range includes everything from Celebre Pro-HD Concealers to foundations to powders. Celebre Pro-HD Cream Foundations contain reflective particles which diffuse light to mask imperfections.  It is oil-free to avoid a greasy appearance.  The Celebre Pro-HD Mineral Finishing Powders are ground ultra-fine, so that the camera won't be able to pick them up.


If you regularly take Selfies, Mehron has developed Celebre Pro-HD so that it is light enough to be used everyday.  Mehron’s unique formula can be customized for sheer or full coverage, all while leaving skin looking naturally flawless. This refined oil and fragrance-free cream formula contains the powerful antioxidants of pomegranate and vitamin E. These are combined with aloe vera to help soothe the skin.  This hydration plumps up dry skin to make wrinkles and lines less noticeable.


Celebre Pro-HD contains mattifying agents to prevent shine in oilier complexions and avoid glare.


You'll notice the difference in your photos!   

Even in Night-Time party shots, your makeup will look more natural and flattering.  No more looking washed out.

Try Mehron Celebre Pro-HD for yourself and see the difference.


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