Water-Melon Liquid, Appliances and Bald Caps
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Water-Melon Liquid, Appliances and Bald Caps

What is Water-Melon?

Water-Melon is a latex alternative developed in 2002 by Michael Davy, a 30 year make up industry veteran and owner of Davy Theatrical Cosmetics.


A bit of history...

Originally developed as a water-based bald cap plastic, Michael Davy found that the caps made with it were able to be applied with alcohol....no glue.  He then applied this material to making appliances and found that he could slush the material into the same plaster molds that he was making his latex appliances in.


From that moment on the industry was changed.


It has been found to be an all-purpose alternative to latex.  It can be slushed, poured, gelled, foamed or stippled.  Anything you can do with latex, you can do with Water-Melon.


No - it does not contain any real watermelon fruit.



  • Applied with alcohol
  • No adhesive - Fantastic!
  • Takes on your skin colour - no need to match make up to skin
  • No remover


Try Water-Melon Liquid for your own appliances and wounds.


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